Sanz Gray Opaque Vinyl - Alternative Cover 1 (Limited Edition)


Ships on: June 19, 2024

Alejandro Sanz builds on his new album a work that surprises for its consistency, but also for its dynamism and variety of sounds. Ten songs in which acoustic and electronic elements coexist, with its characteristic flamenco and orchestral arrangements shining through. A musical journey that refers to the origin of creative purity, stripped of artifice, with the aim of putting the accent on the essence of the songs. Produced by Alfonso Pérez with Alejandro Sanz and Javier Limón, Sanz is presented in an attractive variety of limited-edition formats.

1. Bio
2. Iba
3. Yo No Quiero Suerte
4. La Rosa
5. Si Yo Quisiera Y Si Tú Pudieras
6. Mares De Miel
7. Uno Nada Más
8. No Sé Qué Me Pasas
9. Geometría
10. Y Ya Te Quería